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Hi, you can use our FAQPage JSON-LD Schema Generator tool for free.


Our FAQ Schema generator online tool is free and online which is designed to help website owners and developers to create structured data in the form of FAQ Schema markup. FAQ Schema is a type of structured data that gives search engines specific information about frequently asked questions(FAQ) and their corresponding answers on a web page.


Some key Features of Our FAQ Schema Generated Tool:


1. Our FAQ Schema generator tool provides a user-friendly interface where you can input the questions and answers that you want. You can add two questions at the same time and their respective answers.

2. Once you have entered the questions and answers, the tool generates the FAQ Schema format, such as JSON-LD.


3. You can also copy the whole code in your clipboard, and after using you can clear the entered information

4. The generated FAQ Schema markup can be easily integrated into your website's HTML code.


How to Use Our FAQ Generated Tool:

Step 1: Enter the  questions and answer which you want us to generate the faq schema, in JSON format.


Step 2: Then click the button “Generate the JSON-LD” .


Step 3:  Hurray! It will show your output.


Step 4: To copy the output there is a button called “Copy to Clipboard”, after clicking you can copy the output in a single click. And there is another button called “Clear All” with the help of that you can clear the output.


In summary, Our FAQ Schema generator online tool simplifies the process of creating the JSON-LD code. It gives you the visibility and user experience of your website by providing search engines in single click.

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