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Hi, you can use our scientific calculator tool for free.



A scientific calculator is a special type of calculator which provides complex  mathematics calculations. Which is very helpful for students, teachers, engineers, scientists etc.

Hence our tool SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR provides multiple mathematical calculations, operations and arithmetic calculations. It is a free and online tool which makes your calculation easy and fast.


Our scientific calculator tool provides features like:


    Trigonometric functions: sin, cosine, tan, and their respective hyperbolic functions.



    Exponential functions: An exponential function is a in the form f (x) = ax, where “x” is a variable and “a” is a constant


Algebraic functions:
Square root, cube root, nth root, factorial.

Complex numbers: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and conversions between polar and rectangular forms.


    Matrix operations: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, determinant, inverse, and solving linear equations.


     Calculus functions: Differentiation,integration,numerical methods, and solving differential equations.

    Basic Arithmetic: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.

Simply you have to put values and calculate the problem, it is an online tool which you can handle from anywhere in single clicks. The interface has a display where we can see our input output values also there is a button which shows certain numbers and mathematical operations buttons.




1. User-friendly interface.

2. Allow you to  do complex, multiple arithmetic and basic calculations.

3. Free of cost and provide accurate results.

4. It is an online tool you don't need to install any software.


In summary, our tool “SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR” provides the complex calculation online and fast.