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Hi, you can use our Sitemap Generator tool for free.

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Our site map generator online tool is a free and online tool that provides website owners and webmasters to create XML sitemaps for their websites. An XML sitemap is a code that numbers all the pages on a website.


The site map generator tool crawls through your website, scans and indexes all pages.

Once the crawling process is complete on your website, the tool generates an XML sitemap. The sitemap file follows the XML protocol and includes URLs, metadata, and other information about your website's pages.


How to Use Our tool:


Step 1:  Enter your URL in the dialog box.


Step 2: Then click on the button “Sitemap Generator”.


Step 3: And Hurray here is your output. Also there is a “Clear All” button which clears the output for next input.


Advantages of using Our Sitemap Generator tool:


1. It is a free and online tool.


2. You did not have to install and download anything.

3. User friendly tool, which works on single click.

Summary our tool sitemap generator simplifies the process of creating an XML sitemap for your website. And shows proper index of your pages.