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Hi, you can use our Text Spelling Checker tool for free.

Spelling Checker Tool

Spelling Checker Tool


Our text spelling checker tool is a helpful web-based designed to detect and rectify spelling errors in written text. It is a valuable aid for individuals, students, writers, and professionals who want to ensure their written content is free from spelling mistakes and typos. The primary goal of this tool is to enhance the accuracy and readability of text by identifying and suggesting corrections for misspelled words.


Step 1: Type or paste the text or content which you want to check.

Step 2: Now click on the button "Check Spelling" to check the number of spelling misspelled. 

Step 3: Here is the result the number of Misspelled word and the highlighted word.


1. Spelling Detection: The tool diligently scans the input text to identify words that do not adhere to standard spelling rules. To achieve this, it relies on a comprehensive dictionary or a vast database of correctly spelled words.

2. Highlight the word: To draw the writer's attention to misspellings, the tool highlights them with a orange color background.

3. User Interface Integration: Our Spelling checkers tool are frequently integrated into various writing software such as word processors, text editors, and web browsers. This seamless integration enables users to check spelling on the fly as they type.

4. Contextual Understanding: Some modern spelling checkers employ sophisticated algorithms that consider the context of a word within a sentence. This enhances the accuracy of correction suggestions and reduces false positives.

5. Performance and Speed: Our efficient spelling checker tool should process large amounts of text swiftly without disrupting the user's workflow.

6. Shows number of Error: Our spelling checker tool shows the number of misspelled word in the text.

In conclusion, Our text spelling checker is an indispensable tool for anyone seeking to maintain the quality and professionalism of their written communication. It streamlines the process of identifying and rectifying spelling errors, saving time and effort while ensuring that the intended message is conveyed accurately and flawlessly.